Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Evidence

Kirby totally stole my cable.

But it has been returned, so I can share these with you!

Sometimes she takes her time flipping over, kinda like this:

Other times, I look away, look back, and BAM! Okay, so this one isn't QUITE that fast, but it's quicker than the first... :)

I think it's so funny when she pushes off of her mat! :)

Pictures to come!
(You should no by now that there is no escaping them!)


Babies N Toddlers Dresses said...

ohhhh how cute...now from then on she will be a busy girl!

Rob & Kristi Nelson said...

That is awesome! I wish Russell was off house arest so we could come play. Hopefull the warmer weather brings less colds.

Bobby and Melissa said...

Yea! Now she just needs to come over and teach my little chubber to do it!


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