Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Musings of a Sicky

Yup. Things around here have been pretty icky sicky. Kirby is finally getting over his cough/nose thing, and I think/hope I'm just coming down from the peak of my throat/nose thing, and Emily I think is finally getting better from her cough/nose/maybe throat, but she can't tell me thing. I gotta tell you, though, this sinus pressure is killing me. I don't know how I made it through two straight years of sinus infections in jr high/high school. Yuck.

I had an interesting drive home from dropping Kirby off at work today. There was this poor guy in a lifted, souped (?) up truck trying to get ahead all the way home on University Ave, but he kept picking the wrong lane. At first I thought it was funny because he kept switching, but then I started to feel bad for the guy. In all fairness, there were two cars going super slow, one in each lane. I wasn't in a hurry, though, so it wasn't really bothering me. I had my music, and life was good. He finally had the chance to best us all once we got onto 800 N. He pulled up next to me at the light by the golf course, and he was inching forward, waiting for the green, so I decided to add insult to injury by racing him off the line. 

And boy did I show him what our little Protege can do. It was my driving thrill for the day. :) 
 Yes, it's a stick. Obviously. Cause they're the best.

THEN, as I pulled up to another light, just a block or two from our place, there was a guy who kept watching me in his side mirror as he sucked his life away on a cigarette. I wanted to hold up a sign that said, 

"You know I can see you watching me, right?"

Then, as I turned at that light I passed a church where some guys were doing stuff. You know, taking care of the lawn and trees? Stuff? Yup.

Anyhoo, one of the guys looked up and our eyes met and he grinned and waved. Genuinely. And watched me drive down the road. No, I did not know him. A block past him, my cynical side though, "I wonder what he's up to? No stuff-worker-guy, working in the rain on the side of the road should be that happy... Are they breaking into the church?" And then I laughed out loud at myself for being ridiculous

When we got home Emily was asleep. She startled a bit when I closed my door, but then fell BACK asleep.

Never. Happens.

So I let her sleep a while just sitting in her carseat (inside the house, obviously.) She looked so cute, see? Couldn't resist.

 And yes. She falls asleep holding her toys. She just loves them that much.

Too bad the sound of the shutter woke her up.

But she's asleep now, and that's what counts, and as soon as she wakes up and eats we are going out on the town! Home Depot for Terro (for the ants), and then to JoAnn's for... well... something. Paper, probably. It's coupon commotion week! :)

Oh yeah. Those ants? I thought I had gained the high ground. Scared them into submission. Then a night or two ago I set my purse down by my desk. On the floor. Guess who had a piece or two of popcorn that had accidentally found it's way into my purse? Thank you, movie theater popcorn!

I had ants all over my purse.

I wanted to cry. They were in the inside of the magnetic shell, too. So I went on a rampage. I vacuumed them off my purse, took the shell off and vacuumed up the ones on the inside, and then proceeded to vacuum the entire kitchen floor, followed by the living room carpet. 

The ants hid their nasty little heads for about a day, and when one or two dared venture forth, they were squished in a timely manner. I felt like I had them under control again. 

Until Kirby didn't realize he'd dropped a chunk of cheesy goodness from his leftover pizza slice RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY DESK.

Even I didn't realize it was there. Until I STEPPED in it. With ants all around it.

I have abandoned my squishing. I have reverted back to my vacuuming technique. Because squishing is so much less time effective when there are hoards of ants. I actually have the vacuum sitting right next to me, plugged in and ready for use at a moment's notice. 

But I'm still buying ant killer tonight. No matter how scared I have them.


Anonymous said...

my house in ga had an ant problem much like that - except the ants were only on the TOP floor of our house. werid, i know. so once a year i would get sick of it (cause my room was on the top floor), and i would just spray down the place with ant killer - and TA-DA! the ants were gone for the rest of the season. (until next summer when i would have to start all over again.)

Melanie said...

Wow- what a day. I'm curious about your ant-war. Indiana has bugs like I've never seen, and the ants are the worst! You'll have to share any solutions you come up with. Good luck!

Ashley said...

ah those dreaded ants!!! i hate ants!!


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