Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie...

The other day Kirby and I were itchin' to do something, and we discovered we had a couple bags of chocolate chips in the cupboard from several months ago.


So Kirby set about making good ol' choco'chip cookies. We didn't have a recipe we loved yet, so he pulled out the Betty Crocker cookbook and used that one.

They were fabulous. Perfect.

 Photo disclaimer: We tried a couple small-sized ones, just to see how they would turn out. 
They tasted good, but didn't look incredible. Several of the cookies on this plate are the small ones. 
The one on top, though--CHECK. IT. OUT.

Well, let's be honest. He used milk chocolate chips (he hates semi-sweet), and I think they may have been better with the latter... BUT--chips aside--delish.

Turns out one of the secrets is the butter. You are supposed to use softened butter, but if it's TOO soft (especially if it was softened in the microwave), then the cookies will turn out super flat.

Also--if you add too much flour, then they don't flatten out enough!

So, Kirby, being the seasoned chef that he is (and having read the extra blurbs about butter and flour underneath the recipe), added 1/2 a cup flour less than was called for, and then added some little by little at the end until the consistency was right.

Did I mention they were fabulous?

And I usually don't like the baked result. Prefer the dough, ya know? Raw egg and all. 
(My dad would cringe if he read that...)

Don't get me wrong, we only baked half the dough so we could indulge in the raw stuff, too. But man, those cookies were good. The Sunday after we made them I think they were the majority of what I ate the entire day! :) 

Nutritious, I know.


Nat said...

What, no recipe???? Some of us would kill for a good chocolate chip recipe!!

Lauren Davison said...

My bad... coming right up!! :)


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