Saturday, March 27, 2010


Ok. So not really. But I have been up to some stuff. :)

I have been staring down the barrel of a smoking gun!
A hot glue gun, that is!

Here's the skinny...

See this cute fella?

My friend Amy makes these. I think they are 120% fabulous. So clever and so cute! She has a giraffe on her fridge at home. Love. The only problem? The magnets that were on the hands and feet just weren't cutting it. So I got online and ordered 50 super strong magnets (very affordable by the way! $15, I think...), bought a hot glue gun at JoAnn's (can you believe I didn't have one yet!?), and went to work.

Then Kirby and I got magnet fever. 

Kirby got out his junk box (aka stuff that has sentimental value to him, but is pretty much useless otherwise), and we found some fun stuff to turn into refrigerator magnets! So now we have a fridge covered with meaning, instead of those cheapo free business magnets that didn't really hold much up anyways!

Check em' out!

Kirby's "Hood to Coast" Relay medal. 
Side story: He ran this without training AND with a broken arm. BWUUUT!?

This is supposed to be of the "Te quiero" rock, but we also made some out of leftover quote handouts from my YW lessons.

An old pepsi bottle cap! Classic. And yes. It's holding up an old cleaning schedule I made when I was still prego. And yes. It worked quite well for a couple weeks. 
Why haven't I reinstated it? Because I want to use it for my Choice and Accountability Value project. Yes, I'm re-earning my Young Womanhood Recognition Award along with my young women. :)

One of Kirby's mission tags. I loved this idea, because really--what else are you gonna do with them?

On a scout campout several months ago, Kirby carved me a couple of hearts. I love 'em, but didn't know what to do with em'!

We also beefed up a couple magnets we already had:

My Newport Beach magnet. There's sand in the toes!!!

Here's our Disneyland magnet. Weakest magnet we have ever bought. Really disappointing. But now it's tougher than you! ;)

And here are the leftovers. I have always been intrigued by hot glue blobs. :)


Meridith said...

I LOVE this idea!! Fantastic! I totally want to do this now. :D

Rachel said...

This is a GREAT idea! Totally have a box like that, and someday, maybe soon, I'll get all crafty up in here! Oh, and that Disneyland magnet is SO NOT tougher than me!

Rachel said...

The little security code I had to type in was "butspl"--HA!

Amy said...

Hey way cute stuff!! Thanks for actually using the frog, *warm fuzzies*. :)

Ashley said...

i love the magnet idea!

Kristin Hanson said...

Fabulous idea! I can't see what other crafty stuff you come up with.

Bobby and Melissa said...

Ha ha Lauren! I totally made that same Young women's handout that is on your fridge with the heart! Love it!

Lauren Davison said...

No way! Sooo funny! The other leader (Barbara Harris) actually made that one, but I thought it was super cute. None of mine ever turn out that cute... Maybe someday, though! :)

Bobby and Melissa said...

I just copy what other people do...since I have no natural abilities to create such cute things! I love people who share their cute ideas on their blogs! Love what you did above your sink by the way!

Lauren Davison said...

Amy--are you kidding me!? I fought hard to win the frog in the White Elephant gift exchange. Seriously. I basically stole it from a baby. Hahaha. Okay, so not exactly. Just from another mom WITH a baby. :)


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