Thursday, March 4, 2010

Under Attack

There is an army of ants marching on our peaceful little basement.

I am most seriously displeased.

Last night I was putting a load of Emily's sheets and clothes into the wash and I went to throw in one of my workout shirts, too... I bent down to pick it up, and there were probably 10 ants roaming around.

Probably doing reconnaisance.

I thought, "Fine. Let's see if you survive the washing machine." No ants in the clothes afterwards.

This morning I am washing our sheets and pillows. Just put them in the washing machine, as a matter of fact. Guess what I saw. 

An ANT walking casually around the top of the spin tower thingy (you know--where you put the liquid fabric softener?) like he OWNED the place.

No respect. 

This calls for drastic action. No more of the wimpy vacuuming (or clothes washing, apparently) of the intruders. I have armed myself with an entire role of toilet paper at my desk. (They seem to be coming from underneath it? Cause, you know... that's where all the tasty stuff is... Bwuuut?) Squishing is the only viable option.

I already have a mound of ant corpse encrusted tissues in my garbage can.

Let the war begin.


Adriane said...

LOL this made me laugh.

You can buy stuff at lowes/home depot for them to carry home to feed to their colony so they ALL DIE. Because if it's anything like what happened when we lived there, more will come. LOTS more. And yeah, under the baseboard over there seems to be how they get in. Be glad Emily's not eating solid foods (that end up on the floor) yet. NASTY.

April said...

:) Lauren, I just need your e-mail and phone number. The section editors will contact you as they work on upcoming issues. Thanks so much - I think you're great!


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