Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Mobility Begins

That's it. She's done it. Rolled over. 

Both ways. 

I was just going through my google reader, with her in the living room on her little play mat on her back. 

Reading... reading... reading...

Glance over at Emily who is playing so well.

And she's on her tummy
It has happened a couple times this past week, but this was a really quick one!

Reading... reading... reading...

Glance over and she's on her back!


Out of control. 

We have been trying to catch it on video for this past week, and haven't had much luck, but yesterday and today I was just lucky enough to have my camera nearby and ON!

So yeah. I've got video. Buuuuut... someone has taken off with the cable that connects my card reader to my computer. Strange. This has never happened before, and I think I blame Kirby. 

Emily's not quite THAT good at rolling yet...


Rob & Kristi Nelson said...

Wait to go Emily! We are so Proud of you!


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