Saturday, March 27, 2010

Still Kickin!

Remember that time I told you about my weight loss goal? The NOT new years resolution?

Well, I'm still working at that. And I'm making progress. 

Two days ago I weighed in at 163.6
Yeah. I totally squealed and did a happy jig when I saw that number...


I kind of plateaued there for a week or two, so I kicked up my exercising a bit to try and psych my body out. 
Throwing some jogging in here and there... Some weights... Extra time on the treadmill at my mom's... Hopefully it has worked and I'll be able to knock off those last 3 1/2 pounds! 

Here's to hoping!


April said...

You are inspiring. You make me want to lose weight, and re-earn my Young Women Recognition Award! Way to go girl!

Anonymous said...

congrats! ;)


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