Sunday, March 14, 2010


I can hear semi-normally out of my left ear. I have been trying to get it to pop ALL DAY

Which also means I have been yawning all day.

I think I am finally getting over my blasted illness. Started out as a classic cold. 
When the cold decided to depart, it left me with a sinus infection. Not cool. 

Sinus infection = sinus pressure = constant headache and feeling like the entire forehead portion of your face is a giant zit
You know... The ones deep down that hurt like crazy, but you can't really see? 

Yeah. Awesome. 
Please note :: I do not, in fact, have a zit the size of my forehead. I was simply drawing a comparison.

The pressure is letting up, though, and I can at least breathe through my nose. But the fact that I finally got my left ear to pop (which has been bugging me at least the last two days) has officially made my day successful. :) 

Last night as I was going to sleep, I could feel the pressure shifting in my left ear. It would change depending on my position. Pretty crazy. Kinda cool. But really annoying when trying to sleep!

That being said, I think I have beat the ants into submission. I got some ant killer that is supposed to kill the entire colony

Home Depot had about 6 different kinds that claimed to do this. Figured I couldn't really go wrong. 
If one didn't work, they were cheap enough that I could try a different one.
You know how I finally decided? I bought the one that said it had a peanut butter base. 

Just cause it sounded cool.
For anyone interested, the kind I got was Ortho's AntBGon...

I actually just saw a lone little ant crawl out from under my desk, but he looked like a scrawny lil' guy. Probably the best they have left.

I created a YouTube account today so I can more easily post movies on my blog.
It just takes too long to upload them through blogger!
Plus--since I"ve switched to their new posting thing-a-ma-jig, I can't find where to upload movies through blogger anyways. 

SO! Look forward to some fabulous movies, uploaded privately to my YouTube account. :)


Rachel said...

I know how that feels when your ear FINALLY pops. Sometimes, if it's been a while, I think I can actually hear the Hallelujah Chorus...

Liz said...

I want to see videos! where do i go to see them?


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